06 / 05 / 2012


Due to the cancellation of the previous step in Sicily in May, the next ricci/forte workshop, IMITATIONOFDEATH - the only one that is going to be run in 2012 - will take place in Potenza (Basilicata) in July 2012 and will be open to actors, performers and dancers under 40.


Initiation lab + urban petting beneath the epidermis of Chuck Palahniuk. A dismayed ambulance, a scratchcard among transgender holograms, topmodelsdiseases, myths of gossip and corrosive tidal waves that "platinize" in a golden box of cyanide Sperlari candies. A twenty thousand leagues dive under the whitening enamel, behind the sacrificial ecstasy, where the search for identity is a surge of expression worthy of a pay-TV talk show from the Emirates; where the para-morphism is the dresscode access. Failure of the setting up and the triumph of the real world: to explore the complex relationship between media brokerage and Snow White whore dichotomy in which we are just photocopied. A hungry. Concrete. Sweat. Odorless. Metabolized. Perceptive workshop. Immoral in its sentimental_istic hyperbole. Chrome. As the days we would like.

second exfoliation

After the first year of the survey around the individual obsessions connected to the gasps of Palahniuk - following the first public study showed in collaboration with Centrale Fies Drodesera Festival in July 2011, and waiting for the full work that will be performed at Romaeuropa Festival 2012 - here we are intent on crumbling subsequent layers that prevent us from perceiving our internal temperature. Moving closer to that emoticon diagram, that realm of mediocrity, that self-destructive rebellion which is wearing our Today. The discovery of a facsimile of existence in a facsimile of Europe where, no tracking vital sparks of authenticity, perhaps the best sport to play is a healthy imitation of Death.

for info and registration, please send a e-mail to:
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