BOOK | grimmless

AUTHOR: ricci/forte


PUBLISHER: Titivillus (collana Lo spirito del teatro)

PAGES: 80 

Grimmless is the fairytale. Tout court. Intended as a raw material that reveals the soul of a nation. Fairytale, as a childhood transition towards adulthood. Fairytale, as an iron lung to help us bear, like grown-ups, an everyday life which cuts sharper than any stepmother's fingernails. Fairytales for grandparents and grandchildren, each with their own baggage of desires, expectations and frustrations that are ready to fly off towards a materialization of their needs. Which doesn’t always take place. Because our days haven't been written by the Grimm brothers. They have no happy ending. Nor have they worn-out artifices or Manichean factions: the good on one side, the bad on the other. There is only us. Fractured. Knocked over. With no discounts allowed. No ordinary fairytales. Grimmless, indeed.

The book - which includes the full text of the play - is accompanied by an introductory essay of critic Oliviero Ponte di Pino and by a postface/interview of contemporary theater professor Anna Maria Monteverdi.

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